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Krupuk Changelog

Changelog for Pharan's Krupuk Markers and Water

300dpi Marker and Water brush set for Clip Studio Paint

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18 Oct 2021

Added new Script Tzu versions: Script Tzu 2021, Script Tzu 2021 Bushy, Script Tzu 2021 Angy. They are now in a separate Script Tzu file.

(Exported with Clip Studio Paint 1.11.2)

29 May 2021

With the release of Clip Studio Paint 1.10.10, we finally have Dual Brush support. I've updloaded beta versions of what I'm planning to call the "Kropek" set. It is a separate file so make sure you download the Kropek file if you want to try it!

Kropek is similar to the Krupuk grainy markers, but automatically masked by some of my favorite Tzu brush shapes. This gets you a wet-media-dry-brush effect without having to mess around with mask layers.

18 Dec 2020

The beta version of the Shibe layer setup and brush set has been added. This is a separate file. Download it if you want to try it out. The Shibe setup can be a little slow at high resolutions.

The brushes are adapted from existing brushes in the Tapioca and Krupuk sets.

Shibe (BETA) in action:

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