Krupuk - Markers and Water for Clip Studio Paint

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Last Updated: 2023 May 13

Added Getting Started file. You can read more about it here:

2022 Aug 9

Added new Crewpeck WCB beta brushes, in the Kropek beta file. Instead of being mostly rough-dry, they are meant to have a smoother look when pressing normally, and rough-dry when pressing lightly.

This makes them look like cleaner brushes but still have some personality.

See also: more detailed previous Krupuk updates

Krupuk Markers and Water

Krupuk Markers and Water is a set of Clip Studio Paint brushes that emulate the look of markers and thin, water-based media, with various shapes and amounts of grain and texture.

This includes ~160 Clip Studio Paint brush files (.sut), a collection of How-To-Use and Getting Started sample images, and sample .CLIP files to get a gist of some recommended layer arrangements.

This was originally a set of brushes to help me quickly do quick coloring on sketches, but I later expanded to be able to achieve a broader set of marker-like looks.

I've included some images in the "How to Use" folder to show some techniques that I found work well with the brushes. Some are simple, some are non-obvious. Don't forget to check them out!

As always, thank you so much for supporting me! It really means a lot.

This set also includes:

  • Krupuk Inks, a set of brushy inking tools that work well with the Krupuk marker tools.
  • Script Tzu, a few eastern calligraphic ink brushes.
  • Gouache Tzu, a set of thicker, optionally-dryer paint tools which can be used as-is, but doubles as a set of tools for masking the Krupuk brushes to achieve dry brush effects. and...
  • Some miscellaneous bonus and experimental brushes.

Thanks for your support!

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Helpful links

Clip Studio Paint doesn't have a wet-on-wet simulation engine so the "How to Use" tips go through some digital-specific techniques and layer arrangements to achieve certain blending, water and edge effects with the help of this brush pack.

Shibe layer setup and brushes (BETA)

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Over 160 brushes (.sut files). Includes tips and how-to images, and sample .CLIP files to get you started.

Supports pen tilt*
163 MB

Krupuk - Markers and Water for Clip Studio Paint

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